About Brinton

Date of birth: 11/06/2000

Hometown: Pittsboro, IN

Residence: Lizton, IN


The Marvel racing name is a legacy in non-wing Indiana racing. As a fourth-generation driver, it is now my legacy as well and is something that will stay with me forever.


For me, I had always been a fan of the sport. From growing up at the track with my dad to going to as many races as possible during the summer. I knew eventually I wanted to get behind the wheel of something. But I was willing to wait until the right time to do so.


As a kid I was always involved in school sports and never had the opportunity to race myself. When I was 14, I started working for Hunter Schuerenberg. That year really put into perspective just what it took to run your own race team and what it was like to truly race for a living.


From a career standpoint, I felt wing racing was the best route. To this day, I cannot thank Hunter and my dad enough for what they’ve done for me to get to the point where I am now. My dad especially. From making my first laps when I was 15 to now is something I am proud of at age 20.


I didn’t get the opportunity to race at a young age like a lot of fellow racers my age. The lack of racing experience may have hurt early on, but in the long run, the respect for the sport is what I truly cherish.  I believe that this respect for the sport and my maturity are what set me apart from many others.




  • Favorite food: Turkey sandwich

  • Favorite music: Country

  • Favorite track: I-55 Pevely, MO

  • Favorite drivers: My dad, Hunter Schurenberg, & Joey Saldana

  • Hobbies: Spending time with family & friends, going to the gym

  • Goals: Provide for my family doing what I truly love